About us

We believe in elevating the tea experience.

From the sunny shores of Australia's Gold Coast, our family business has been crafting unique and high-quality tea accessories for over a decade. At 01LIV, we're dedicated to turning every tea moment into an experience of pure bliss, enhancing your daily routine one sip at a time.

Driven by a love for innovation and elegance, I founded 01Living 15 years ago to add a touch of sophistication to tea time. We believe in creating tea accessories that are not just functional and beautiful but also kind to the planet.

Our collection at 01LIV blends style with sustainability. From sleek thermal tea flasks to elegant infusers and teapots, each item is designed with care, aiming to be eco-friendly and a joy to use.

Why settle for ordinary when you can make each tea moment a luxurious escape, all while contributing positively to our world?

Join us at 01LIV, where every cup of tea is an opportunity for bliss and a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

Andrew Wong

As a dedicated designer, I bring a love for creativity and innovation to the world of tea accessories. I am driven by the belief that a great cup of tea deserves the best possible experience, one that combines functionality, aesthetic appeal, and eco-friendliness.

My unique approach to design and commitment to quality set my tea infusers apart, offering a touch of sophistication and style to any tea experience.