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    Test our award-winning teaware in your shop risk-free! Use our exclusive Faire link below for small wholesale purchases - the best way to allow your valuable customers to experience our products firsthand. With easy operation and a reliable platform, enjoy a hassle-free trial plus extra advantages from Faire.com

  • Order Directly from Us.

    Order directly and enjoy exclusive benefits! Get significant savings with bulk discounts and add your logo to products and packaging for a unified brand experience. Our one-stop solution covers design, manufacturing, co-pack and logistics, streamlining your operations, elevating your brand, and cutting shipping costs with consolidated delivery.

Develop Your Own Gift Pack Box

Gift packs and calendar boxes are a hot trend! These beautifully packaged collections stand out and attract customers. Our team offers specialized gift pack development, helping you create stunning eco-friendly gift packs that boost sales.

We offer a comprehensive one-stop solution that streamlines everything - design, manufacturing, and logistics. Plus, we provide Co-Packing Service, we can consolidate all your purchases from China, assembling them into your gift boxes when suitable, and ship everything in one consolidated shipment. We are confident this process will save you significant time and money.

Additionally, our Quality Check Service ensures that all your purchases meet your high standards upon delivery, preventing any unwanted surprises.

Speak with our expert team today! We'll help you create unforgettable gifts this holiday season.

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